Sara, 20

Sara - escort incalls in Cheshire / Crewe massage parlour!
  • Specialities:
    Reverse Oral (RO)
    Oral With (OW)

    Note: customers are reminded that specialities are always offered at the girl's discretion and may cost extra, please discuss this with the girl of your choice prior to making a booking.


About Sara

Sara's description will be added soon - please check back later or call us to find out more about her...


Feedback 3

  1. Stunning girl always go to her never fail to make me hard 😍😍

  2. What an awesome and beautiful woman!!! Thanks again for your time x

  3. Good service, nice girl , nice body, definitely I will visit her again!!

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Fancy a go with Sara call 07407169779 to book her or check the rota to see hen she's next working...