Rebecca - escort incalls in Cheshire / Crewe massage parlour!
  • Specialities:
    Reverse Oral (RO)
    Oral With (OW)

    Note: customers are reminded that specialities are always offered at the girl's discretion and may cost extra, please discuss this with the girl of your choice prior to making a booking.


About Rebecca

Rebecca is an exotic European beauty with beautifult golden skin, guranteed to tame the hardest of men.

Her enthusiastic passion for satisfying the men she meets is her biggest asset and with a body like hers you'll on your back and riding high.

Her tiny figure boasts a beautifully pert ass that definately deserves a squeeze or two, maybe even a little spank and a handful of natural tit that completes this package of sexual desire and destruction.


Feedback 5

  1. I went there for the first and the last. The price they charge is fine as close to many other places. This girl Rebecca was good looking no doubt. But make it so uncomfortable and unwelcomed . It’s almost as if she doesn’t want to do it at all. I am 5”11 perfectly healthy and fit guy wasn’t even like overweight beard, dirty stinky etc. However she behaved as if she is doing a favour and is free . Tried touching her hairs she refused very rudely , tried touching other parts then started talking it will cost extra and all. Which I did gave but she lied on the bed as if she has no interest at all. No support no response. Then I asked her to give blow again and the look on her face was so dreadful . It just completely out me off. I was lying there thinking it’s a fucking mistake. In 5 min I was fuming. I said no to her and walked out. Wasted £70 . Don’t get wrong I completely respect it’s their job and they don’t have to behave like GF or wives however if you are doing it as a business and atleast show some compassion . A part of me felt to suggest her to apply for decent job she looked intelligent to earn that way more. If she doesn’t like to do that she should stop it.

  2. Rebecca is by far the sexiest woman at Angels also Rebecca has an amazing tight body and she knows how to please a man est pussy I've tasted in a long time

  3. Great Body, Tastes Devine & knows how to please a man & leave him wanting more. Worth every penny 100% amazing lady highly recommend!!!!

  4. Beautiful girl, a great time!

  5. Beautiful girl but was quiet and didn't want to do doggystyle because I was to big?! Plus she spent far to long putting the rubber on,but all in all was really good time 🔥Will definitely be returning

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